LX250 Twin Rail Sawmill

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Extra-Wide Twin Rail Sawmill

Extra-wide twin rail sawmill with 140cm log diameter, 138 cm max width of cut, powered saw head controls, 28.3kW (38HP) petrol engine, and SimpleSet Setworks.

  • Heavy-duty LX twin rail design
  • Powered sawhead controls
  • Built in the USA
Description LX250 Twin Rail Sawmill

Saw extra-wide slabs and boards up to 138cm (54-1/2") using powered saw head controls (forward/reverse & up/down) and SimpleSet Setworks! Designed for sawyers and woodworkers that need to saw massive slabs and boards, the LX250 joins the Wood-Mizer LX Series of sawmills that are engineered to saw wider and deeper than other sawmills in their class.


Loaded and turned with support equipment, logs are secured on the convenient raised bed cross sections by three adjustable steel side supports and two adjustable log clamps. With powered up/down, the saw head height is precisely positioned for each cut. SimpleSet setworks saves two pre-set board thicknesses to quickly and accurately control blade height while referencing from the previous cut. Once the powered blade guide arm is adjusted for the cut, the blade is engaged and saws through the log by the powered saw head forward/reverse controls. Turned on and off with a manual valve, the gravity fed lubrication is applied directly to the blade to keep them clean and free of pitch and sawdust build-up. Once the cut is completed, the saw head is raised and reversed by the powered saw head controls and positioned for the next cut.


  • 140 cm (55”) max log diameter with 138cm (54 ½”) max width of cut 
  • 4m (13') length of cut 
  • Rigid LX Frame sawhead tower with heavy-duty twin rail bed construction 
  • Powered saw head up/down & forward/reverse with dual power feed system 
  • SimpleSet Setworks allows two pre-set board thicknesses to quickly and accurately control blade height while referencing from the previous cut 
  • 8 heavy-duty mounting feet along bed rails with 3 extra middle supports 
  • 28.3kW (38HP) petrol Engine
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Features LX250 Twin Rail Sawmill

Specifications LX250 Twin Rail Sawmill
Power Selections 28.3kW (38HP) petrol
11kW (15 Hp) 230 V 3-Phase Electric
Cutting Capacity
Max Width of Cut 1.38m (54 1/2")
Max Log Diameter 140cm
Max Cant Width 97cm (38")
Max Log Length (with extensions) N/A
Blade Lubrication System Manual valve blade lubrication
Blade Tension System Hydraulic Tension System
Blade Wheels
Blade Wheel Diameter 483mm
Blade Wheel Type Belted Cast Steel
Head Features and Options
Operator Location Walk Along Electric Feed
Setworks SimpleSet Setworks
Head Forward/Reverse Power Feed
Head Up/Down Electric with Setworks
Blade Engagement On/Off Button (Electric Versions)
Blade Guide Arm Powered Adjustment
Debarker N/A
Bed Features and Options
Side Supports 3 Adjustable Side Supports
Log Leveling N/A
Log Turning Manual
Log Loading Manual
Trailer Package N/A
Log Clamping 2 Adjustable Log Clamps
Additional Bed Options Optional 1.5m Bed Extension
Machine Dimensions and Requirements
Bed Construction Twin Rail
Frame Construction xFRAME
Mobility Mobile
Delivery Methods Pallet
Parts & Accessories LX250 Twin Rail Sawmill
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